Power of the Web! how social media set Egypt Free

Egypt President Hosni Mubarak, after weeks of protesting finally step down today, making an historical day for this country. This marks a historical moment for social media as well. The protest that lead Mubarak to resign were generated and fueled by a Facebook Group. Twitter feed and images of the protest spread like wild fire and the crowed multiplied.

This revolution for Egypt marks a first for this digital generation. The internet and the power of the people have shown today that revolution is possible in a non tradition way.

For those who doubted the ability to collaberate on the web, Egypt has shown us the ability to utilized these sites to rally for a better good.

“For perhaps one of the first times in history, history itself has been recorded instantaneously, as reporters took to Twitter to share 140-character updates and personal stories from the protests.” Emily Blanks, Egyptian President Steps Down.

Egypt has set the tone for how modern revolutions my occur in the future. With the next social revolution social media is a vital tool to communicate and gather the people.



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