Social Media Spotlight: Charity:Water

Charity: Water is a non-profit organization focusing on educating about water safety and sanitation as well as providing deep-water pumps for developing countries.

This organization is using social media to the fullest with great pages that stand above the rest.

Charity: Water Facebook Page


Charity:Water has a page on the most popular social media tool today, Facebook.

Currently Charity: Water has over 150 thousand followers. The organization post important articles, news and press releases on their wall to spark conversation among its audience members.

Unlike other social media tools, Charity: Water wall is filled with fans and followers comments, opinions and feed back.

Charity Water also has around 90+ images on their page of past events, projects, trips to developing countriesChairty: Water Twitter Page

Charity :water Twitter

The Charity:Water Twitter page  currently has over a million followers.

They have a background image displaying photos of their organization work on the side

Types of Tweets:

  • Photos of the day
  • Re-tweets
  • Blog Articles
  • News and Press
  • Current campaigns
  • Celebrities, important people who are involved


Charity Water has a great video promotion on sites such as YouTube. Their videos have reached 450,000 viewers. What makes their videos so successful is that they are original but optimized for the web.

  • Catchy Music
  • Graphics and Special Effects
  • Raw Footage-shows reality of the problem and what the solution looks like
  • Statistics– provide statistics will educate the audience about the effects, problems that your organization is focusing on.
  • Editing and Transitions– fast pace editing with cool transition, grabs web viewers attention.
  • Ends with call of actions– Provide further research opportunities such as websites, Facebook page, where to donate, and how to contact.

YouTube has a non profit organization option allowing special feature that specifically benefits charity and activists organizations

Program Benefits Provided by YouTube

  • Premium branding capabilities and increased uploading capacity
  • The option to drive fundraiser through a Google Checkout “Donate” button
  • Listing on the Nonprofit channels and the Nonprofit videos pages
  • Ability to add a Call-to-action overlay on your videos to drive campaigns

The very important “Call to Action” and how it looking in social media

Every non-profits goal is a better change and this change happen with help of volunteers and donation.

All successful non profit organization campaign has a call to action to get people to go to their website, get educated and get involved.

With traditional advertisement we see these call to actions at the end of a video clip, in print advertisements

In social media the call of action looks quiet different. It is important to drive those who visit your Facebook, Twitter or YouTube videos to where they can donate.

Make sure provide Links and Information about how to donate.

Be remembered: Branding

One thing Charity: Water does great is brand their non-profit to the fullest with social media

They have their logo and main picture they want to get across as there

Profile picture on Facebook is the same icon seen on their website, twitter page, YouTube channel, in in video itself.


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