Facebook Place and Social Media Campaigns

Social media allows businesses to advertise in a unique cool ways.

Encourage followers to check in with Facebook PlacesFacebook Places

Facebook released in September a new upcoming popular way to get people share where they currently are with their mobile device.

When they check in they post on their wall which reaches all their friends. Facebook places is pretty much a free advertisement for businesses. If they check in and mention their friends, that post reaches even more people.

Checking in is one of the most effective type of advertisements which is Word of Mouth. Friends are seeing where their friends hang out, shop and eat. Encouraging conversation about the post.

A great way to get people to check in is offer a discount and deals if they show you they checked in. People can see which companies give discounts for check in’s with the yellow discount icon in the check in page. Many big name brands such as Gap.

There are 4 types of Deals: individual, friend, loyalty and charitydiscount places icons 

  • Deals and donations are offered by individual businesses, not Facebook, and may be available in limited quantities.
  • Friend deals require tagging a number of friends to share savings.
  • Loyalty deals require multiple check-ins, similar to a traditional punch card.
“Facebook is making a big push into what can be called “geosocial services,” blending online with the real world. Cyberspace and marketplace.” Marketplace

Online Campaigns

We see online campaign or social media campaigns in a verity of ways.

  • nation wide events
  • call to actions
  • contests, prizes, special deals
  • viral videos, memes, internet phenomenons

Successful campaign can spark your business and in the spotlight.

One of the most recent Facebook campaigns is Oreo’s attempt at setting the world record for most “likes” in 24-hours of their Facebook page.

Oreo Post

Other businesses are in this race with Mitsubishi setting the record a week earlier with their new video on YouTube

and Lil Wayne just announced he will be competing as well.

The record is 45,000 likes in 24-hours.


  • Millions are seeing your content on their friends pages.
  • The campaign gets press from newspapers, news stations, blogs etc.
  • You grow your branding
  • Increase your online popularity

However, campaigns do come with a risk

“For Oreo, the stunt is a clever use of social media that is not without its risks; falling short of the goal could be embarrassing. Since that prospect seems unlikely, the attempt will no doubt spur copycat attempts.” Todd Wasserman

The overall goal for social media advertisement is to..

get your fans involved


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