Future of Social Media

Social media in the past 5 years has dramatically changed the world into a web-obsessed society. With the Internet and social media becoming popular what should non-profit organizations expect to see in the years to come?

The Internet is currently shifting to what is called Web 2.0. This theory would change the Internet from being stand alone websites articles etc to integrated websites featuring user generated content, social media and contextual information.

Social Media is a huge part of the idea of Web 2.O in that it’s the foundation of user generated communications. We build the threads from a certain websites with social media. The best way to understand Web.20 is to Imagine going to online website to order a sweater. With the new Web2.o you can see peoples comments, who of your friends have bought or liked the sweater, company Wikipedia information etc.

Social Media will be able to do it ALL

Non-profit organizations can see this shift in a number of ways. Already sites such as Causes (sponsored by Facebook) integrate social media and non-profits Causes currently have over 17 million likes on Facebook and post-current causes, organizations. However, currently you cannot directly donate through Causes Facebook page but instead visit their websites.causes facebook

Social media has not yet integrated a way for people to donate through the sites. In the next years we will see social media transform into one stop place for every need users might wants.

Facebook announced last fall that they will be creating Facebook email system that allows users to have @facebook.com. This new feature will be another step to increase social media “power.” Social media has become a one-stop site in which people will not have to visit other sites to get the information they need.

Mobile Phones will be the future of money exchange

We saw with both the Haiti Earthquake and the recent Japan quake and Tsunami Mobile Phones make history with massive amount of people donating through text message and being charged a small fee to their phone bill.

“The reality of mobile Internet usage shows only an increased year-over-year use by citizens with more affordable and powerful smartphones. This creates an inescapable media platform for non-profits. Look for more experimentation and adoption, and with it the emergence of mobile social good best practices.” 3 Perdictions for Social Good in 2011

Mobile phones have been rumored to integrate credit cards and identification into our mobile phones. With a push to eliminate the wallet, we will see non-profit reshaping the way they market as well as their “call to action” message.


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